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What does the Mithya 4D app do?

The Mithya 4D app is an augmented reality app. It uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet to recognize images on the 4D Stationery and show relevant 4D animation. Then, using augmented reality, the app displays the content on top of the 4D Stationery by tracking it in 3D space.

On which notebooks the Mithya 4D app work?

The Mithya 4D app works only with the notebooks manufactured by Mithya 4D Stationery Private Limited. It does not work with any other notebooks.

Where do I purchase the Mithya 4D notebooks?

The Mithya 4Dnotebooks are available with major retailers. Ask your nearest retailer for Mithya 4D notebooks. If it is not available with them, you can purchase online on our website.

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How do I use Mithya 4D app?

Download the free Mithya 4D app for Android or iOS, open it up and then hold it in front of the Mithya 4D notebooks. Point the camera on the front cover of the Mithya 4D notebooks and wait for it to launch the content.

Can I share Mithya 4D?

When viewing the 4D content, you can use the camera icon to take a screenshot of 4D animation and save it to your device. Then you can share it on any social media or via email. You can also share Mithya 4D information by pressing the share icon in the settings.

Help! The app isn't working, why?

Here are a few troubleshooting tips…

  • Wait a bit while pointing to the notebook front cover, it can take a few seconds to recognize.
  • Make sure, you are pointing at the front cover of the notebook and not at the back cover.
  • Check that you’re connected to the Internet via WiFi or cellular data.
  • Make sure you’re pointing the camera at only Mithya 4D notebooksand that the image fills the screen.
  • Make sure the image is well lit, using the flash if necessary.
  • Make sure to hold your device steady as you scan the 4D notebook.
  • Double check that you have the latest version of Mithya 4D by checking your app store for updates.
Which devices does Mithya 4D work on?

Mithya 4D is available to download for Android and iOS and works on smartphones and tablets.

The Android app asks for several permissions, what are these?

In order to work properly, Mithya 4D needs your permission to access certain information on your device, including…

  • Storage – Allowing us to store data on your device helps the app run faster.
  • Camera – In order to play 4D animations, we need to use your device’s camera.